Etsy Friday

I love Spring.  I LOVE 70 degree weather.  I love blooming flowers, singing birds, and green grass.  I don’t love Summer.  I’m sorry- I have to get myself psyched up for it every year.  Today Jessie and I were naming all of the great things about summer to get ourselves excited.  What a perfect Etsy Friday Series!- let’s get psyched up for summer!

1. Ice cream!  Is there a better reason to love summer?!  I can’t think of one!

Felt Food Ice Cream Sandwich

These felted ice cream sandwiches by Becky M are just the cat’s pajamas!  These were the best on summer days!

NEAPOLITAN NAPOLEON Signed Numbered Matted Art Print ... Free Shipping ... Buy 2 Get 1 Free

I love this quirky Neapolitan Napoleon Print by Kate Gabriel.  I called Neapolitan ice cream Napoleon ice cream for years- an easy mistake, I think!

2. Lightening Bugs/ Fireflies- Whatever you call them, they’re pretty awesome.

Lightening Bug Love Summer Memories Notecard

This lightning bug card by ACL Designs  brings me right back to damp July evenings, chasing lightning bugs and catching all that I could!  to let them go of course-

Firefly-A Paper and Wood Pendant Necklace-One of a Kind

I think I need this one of a kind firefly pendant by geelizzie.  I have always called them lightning bugs, but this is so fab, I might start calling them fireflies.

Fireflies in autumn sun   PRINT  8x10 ALL PRINTS BUY 3  GET ONE FREE SALE

I love the colors in this print, “Fireflies in the Autumn Sun” by Jean Vadal Smith.  What a welcome sight that will be!

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back with more reasons to love summer next Friday!