My weekend is slipping away

This is just a gratuitous yarn shot.  mmmm- Misti cotton. 

As my weekend slips away, I just thought I’d check in with a quick recap of this weekend-

I had a grand time on Thursday!  I went to Windsor Button and met Ysolda!  While I was there I also met Sock Pixie!  Both were totally cool! 

Of course I took no pictures…  Ysoda’s trunk show was fantastic- all of her work is beautiful.  It was a lot of fun to get to touch everything!  I bought the online version of her Whimsical Little Knits, so I didn’t have anything for her to sign.   If you get a chance to go to one of her trunk shows, you totally should.  I think she’s heading North as week speak!

On Friday I went to see Pirates at the Huntington.  It was totally awesome.  I was a little worried, I mean- The Pirates of Penzance isn’t my favorite show, and it being “reimagined” could be trouble.  It was witty, adult without being explicit, and charming.  It was a great laugh, and definitely worth going to see! 

Saturday we had class, and I went to a great party for Kristine’s birthday!  Totally fun!  It was really great to hang out with some of my class friends completely removed from the class environment. 

I had brunch with Lindsay at Zaftigs this morning.  We had a blast, and I think we’re going to start having a craft night!  It’s something that I’ve been tossing around with a bunch of different people since college, and I think it’s time to make it a reality!  Of course, when I lived with Jessie, every night was craft night! 

 18,560 stitches to go!  I’m hoping to finish by Thursday so I can block and dye it!

I’m going to start knitting!


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