I’ve been pretty boring lately…

shipwreck 5-11-09
AND here I go again!

I have been doing nothing but yok2tog for the past 4 days!  I have about 11 rows until I’m calling done, and I have to block tonight!  You will not be subjected to anymore photos of this unblocked lace shawl after that!!

Jessie and I were talking about wedding invitations, and we came up with the best invite wording for knitters!

Join us as we k2tog and ssk our way to happiness.

Ben is totally lucky we didn’t think of that last year!!  Wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate knitting lingo into your vows, too?

I, Purl, take you Knit, to be my (wife/husband), to have and to knit for from this day forward, for better or for worse, for cashmere, for acrylic, through dropped stitches and impecible lace, to love and to cherish all my handknits; from this day forward until my stash is exhausted.

By the power invested in me, by the Massachusetts Needle Arts Guild, I now announce you ribbed! 

I might have taken that a little too far, but on the bright side- if they have martial problems, all they need is a little blocking!


2 thoughts on “I’ve been pretty boring lately…

  1. Hehe. That reminds me of an avatar someone in the queer ravelry community was sporting last fall, after Prop 8 was approved in California. It read, “Fine, we’re not married… we’re FELTED.”

    And that’s better than being married, really, because once something’s felted it’s NEVER coming apart.

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