Etsy Friday – Summer Series

Being from New Jersey, I really miss the Jersey shore in the summer.  I mean, Massachusetts has a coast, but it’s just not the same.  The warm water, the smooth sand beneath my toes, and the lifelong memories of trekking their with friends and family from as early as I can remember.

It seems this Memorial Day weekend everyone is talking about the shore, and that’s why this entire Summer Series Etsy Friday is about #3 The Beach.  See last week for reasons 1 and 2!

Ferris Wheel - Ttv - 8x8 Decorative Art Print

Games and Rides were always a part of a long day at the shore.  I love the colors in this decorative art print of the Giant Wheel in LBI by The Jonathan Galleries.  Is it weird that this picture makes me want funnel cake? 

PINK AND WHITE SALT WATER TAFFY 8x8 Original Oil Painting by Lynn Sulpy

Eventhough I personally don’t love saltwater taffy (I’m more a fudge girl) I love this oil painting by Lynn Sulpy!   I love the shape, colors, and her use of negative space.  She creates a great composition, just using the taffy and it’s shadow.  This is one piece in a series of three.  What a great grouping it would make in a shore home!  Or a girl’s room!

Purple Horseshoe Crab Moleskine - Gocco Printed - Lined

I remember seeing horseshoe crabs only after they had washed up on the beach.  They are such terrifying creatures.  I’m glad I never had to face one alive!  This horseshoe crab printed moleskin by Moonlight Bindery is the perfect little journal to throw in your beach bag to sketch or write down musings. 

Sterling Silver Seagull Bird Handmade Ring Band

The day after prom, everyone goes to the shore and spends the day.  One of my most vivid memories of that day is hoards of seagulls descending on our little beach party when the pizza arrived.  I love the shape of the seagulls in this silver ring by Raina Lee Scott.

SALE - Pumpkin Coral - Organic Bamboo Coral Stones, Teal Green Fluorite and Sterling Silver Necklace

I love this pumpkin coral necklace by lindesigns.  I’ve never seen coral this orange before!  BEAUTIFUL!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Etsy Friday – Summer Series

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