Starting things

While I was down in CT for Liz’s graduation, I brought yarn- lovely beautiful yarn that I bought at the Sheep Shearing Festival, and I was planning on making Ishbel.  Unfortunately, I forgot the pattern!  So, instead of trying to figure it out (which I totally could have- after I looked at the pattern when I got home I totally felt like a loser for not just knitting the stockinette part!) I decided to design my own shawl.  I just have the beginning, and I’m trying to decide where to go with it next (though, I think I have a plan!
Starting cabled lace shawl

I’ve also begun to eat more healthfully. Instead of a breakfast burrito or delicious cinnamon roll, I’ve been having fruit and yogurt for breakfast every morning. It’s not the biggest change ever- but a small change on the way to many small changes.
blueberries and yogurt

I’m getting much more into the idea of summer starting.  Maybe it’s because of the dreary weather we’ve been having this week or the hint of summer we had last weekend.  I kind of can’t wait.


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