Adding to the Ranks

My friend Lindsay mentioned to me that she would like to learn how to knit- and OF COURSE, I told her I would teach her and we made plans to get together for it!

June 09 001
I packed my bag FULL of yarn. I didn’t know what would be most enticing! I also brought a bunch of books and magazines. For beginning knitters, I am partial to Stitch and Bitch for it’s fun language and easy to follow pictures, but alas, I don’t own a copy, so I brought along Stitch and Bitch Nation.  I also really love Mason Dixon Knitting  for beginners (I bought the original for Becca this past Christmas) because they have so many great garter stitch projects that you can make so much without leaving your comfort zone.  AND I’m totally dying to own the next one Mason Dixon Knitting: Knitting Outside the Lines.  I also brought a few Interweave Knits with smaller and simpler projects and we thumbed through the rest of them for the eye candy!

It’s always hard knowing what kind of yarn to teach someone with. I feel like most people are drawn to a project and that’s what makes them want to learn to knit. I am always tempted to begin people with yarn that is suitable for their project so that they don’t get discouraged when it comes time to knit it, but I find it easier to see stitches in larger yarns on larger needles.   If the person doesn’t have a project in mind, I always go with size 15 needles and Lion Brand Thick N Quick.  Unfortunately, because I have done this so often, all of the Thick N Quick in my stash has disappeared.  I have a lot of worsted weight wool though.  I guess I should start making something felted!

I started Lindsay on size 11 needles with worsted weight yarn, and she went for it!  I found this rad pink and red yarn for her to use, and left her a ball of noro to play with. 
June 09 003

This was a few weekends ago, so I’ll check with her to see how far she has gotten and let you know!


Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get Summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  We’re finally getting some Summer weather up here in Boston!  Thank goodness!  I was beginning to think that Summer was never going to come!  Luckily, the Etsy Summer Fridays keep on coming- the past six have been:

1. Ice cream  2. Fire Flies  3 .The Beach 

4. The Clothes  5. Road Trip 6. Summer Sports

When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time getting lost with my grandmother and mother.  We used to drive around exploring and finding hidden places and streets.  It always ended with a good meal.   Of course, my favorite getting lost experiences with them always happened in the woods.  We’d go for hour long walks, exploring different parks and paths.  We’d find abandoned factories, grown over train tracks, and all sorts of animals.  I wish I had been more of a photographer back then- and had captured some of these afternoons.  So that’s my Etsy Friday this week: #8 Walk in the Woods

Brass Forest Necklace

I love this Brass Forest Necklace by Rag Trader– I love the asymetry of it. 

I heart hedgehogs -  A little girl shares a little love with her forest friend

I was never lucky to see a hedghog in the woods, but I did come across many turtles, frogs, deer, and bunnies.  This print “I Heart Hedgehogs” by The Light Garden is so cute.

Bird T-shirt Birds of North America Collage Audubon Colorful Graphic Tee S,M,L,XL,XXL

This Bird T-shirt by Isotope would be great to wear AND help identify all of the fun birds you see on your walk!!  My grandmother was a HUGE audobon fan, and would have LOVED this shirt.

Birch Trees in Winter Wall Decals Stickers Art Graphics

You can bring the woods indoors with these birch tree decals by Single Stone Studios.  It can be like your walking in the woods even in the winter in the middle of the city!  I love their shape!

City Sliquors

 city sliquors
Really- That’s what it was called.

ANYWAY- Ben and I, the city slickers that we are, went to NYC  this past weekend to visit Becca. We had a great time! On Friday we went to a REALLY fun Beer Garden in Astoria- Square. I love ANYWHERE you can get cheese bratwurst and pitchers of Gerrman Hefeweis! I don’t have any pictures of the inside- it was like a big out door mess hall, with picnic tables everywhere. But I did get a picture of the billboard! TOTALLY FUN!
Beer Garden

On Saturday we waiting in the TKTS line and got tickets to Blithe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury!!

Totally great!  That crazy Noel Coward!  The set was beautiful, the costumes were perfect, and the acting was really really superb.  The lighting was very nice.  Very subtle- perfect for this kind of show.  TONS of R09!  One of my favorites, so I totally approve, but there was A LOT!  Rupert Everett definitely looks older, but I suppose that was bound to happen- just as charming as ever, though.  Angela was fantastic- she plays a real character, and she dances around the stage performing seances.  Fantastic!

We had a lovely meal at Daniel– superb.  (we did the tasting menu- it was so delicious.  And they knew it was Becca’s birthday, so they brought over a birthday dessert with a candle- of course that was in addition to the 7 desserts we already had on the table.)  We had brunch on Sunday in Astoria and then headed home.  For being such a crazy weekend, it was kind of low key.  Totally fun!  Next time we get to NYC, I’m going to have to visit some museums!  I’m going thru MOMA withdrawl up here in Boston!

Bead me up

I am so digging the whole idea of  knitting beaded purses.  Thanks to Morning Glory, it’s all I’ve been thinking about knitting!  Luckily I have some Kidsilk Haze lying around from some some wayward Christmas knitting.  I went to Windsor Button to bought beads to match the colors that I have. 

beads and yarn for purse

Aren’t they pretty together?  I am thinking about stripes! 

purse swatch 1

And then I swatched!  I mean, I didn’t swatch because I meant to.  I forgot to bring my beading needle to work, and had an hour to work on it, so I decided to use the beads I had already strung and just go for it.  This is helpful also because I decided to change bead colors- the more turquoisey one in the top picture is the one I’m going to use.  These beads are more blue. 

purse swatch

I really think it’s quite fetching.  I love the silk and mohair blend with the beads.  I’m pretty sensitive to mohair, so it’s nice to use it in something that won’t be wrapped around bare skin!  I’m so excited!  I’m working on it all weekend!

Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  So far it’s been such a cool summer that I haven’t had to get myself psyched about working through the hot weather yet.  I am still only thinking about all the things I wrote about in these past Summer Etsy Fridays.  The past five have been:

1.  Ice cream  2.  Fire Flies  3.  The Beach  4.  The Clothes  5.  Road Trip

And now, we turn to #6 Summer Sports.  Sports are really something I only pay attention to in the summer.  I LOVE going to baseball games and sitting in the sun drinking beer for four hours or getting up early on a Saturday and getting some golf in before the coolness burns off or spending a whole day canoing down a peaceful creek. 

YART SALE -- BLACK DOG Canoe Company Original Illustration 12x12 inch Canvas wall art handmade Lab Retriever Middlebury Vermont

I love this black dog illustration by Grumpy Buffalo.  What a nice piece to have hanging in your house year round to remind you have those sunny canoe trips of summer.

Golf Club Head Cover - Orange/gold/green

I keep meaning to knit myself golf club covers, but I don’t use woods much, so I haven’t had the need.  I love this golf club cover by Winks Knits.

Authentic Baseball Sterling Silver Cufflinks

If my husband wore french cuffed shirts I would buy these baseball cufflinks by QA Create for him in a second.  They are made from REAL BASEBALLS! 

Turquoise Argyle Vest

While I was golfing a few weeks ago, I was totally thinking about how I’m really missing an argyle sweater vest in my life.  I mean- being a knitter and a golfer, it just seems like a given that I NEED one.  Luckily I can buy this one.  How awesome would I be on the golf course in this rad argyle sweater vest by Ginger Mixed Media?! 

Snack and Sandwich Bag Set - Canoe Applique Oilcloth

One of the best things about canoing is the picnic you have to have in the middle of the day.  These snack bags by Julie Meyer are made of oil clothes, so they’ll keep your food safe from splashes, but you might lose it if you tip!

Have a great weekend!  I hope it’s nice enough to get outside!