Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  So far it’s been such a cool summer that I haven’t had to get myself psyched about working through the hot weather yet.  I am still only thinking about all the things I wrote about in these past Summer Etsy Fridays.  The past five have been:

1.  Ice cream  2.  Fire Flies  3.  The Beach  4.  The Clothes  5.  Road Trip

And now, we turn to #6 Summer Sports.  Sports are really something I only pay attention to in the summer.  I LOVE going to baseball games and sitting in the sun drinking beer for four hours or getting up early on a Saturday and getting some golf in before the coolness burns off or spending a whole day canoing down a peaceful creek. 

YART SALE -- BLACK DOG Canoe Company Original Illustration 12x12 inch Canvas wall art handmade Lab Retriever Middlebury Vermont

I love this black dog illustration by Grumpy Buffalo.  What a nice piece to have hanging in your house year round to remind you have those sunny canoe trips of summer.

Golf Club Head Cover - Orange/gold/green

I keep meaning to knit myself golf club covers, but I don’t use woods much, so I haven’t had the need.  I love this golf club cover by Winks Knits.

Authentic Baseball Sterling Silver Cufflinks

If my husband wore french cuffed shirts I would buy these baseball cufflinks by QA Create for him in a second.  They are made from REAL BASEBALLS! 

Turquoise Argyle Vest

While I was golfing a few weeks ago, I was totally thinking about how I’m really missing an argyle sweater vest in my life.  I mean- being a knitter and a golfer, it just seems like a given that I NEED one.  Luckily I can buy this one.  How awesome would I be on the golf course in this rad argyle sweater vest by Ginger Mixed Media?! 

Snack and Sandwich Bag Set - Canoe Applique Oilcloth

One of the best things about canoing is the picnic you have to have in the middle of the day.  These snack bags by Julie Meyer are made of oil clothes, so they’ll keep your food safe from splashes, but you might lose it if you tip!

Have a great weekend!  I hope it’s nice enough to get outside!


5 thoughts on “Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

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