Bead me up

I am so digging the whole idea of  knitting beaded purses.  Thanks to Morning Glory, it’s all I’ve been thinking about knitting!  Luckily I have some Kidsilk Haze lying around from some some wayward Christmas knitting.  I went to Windsor Button to bought beads to match the colors that I have. 

beads and yarn for purse

Aren’t they pretty together?  I am thinking about stripes! 

purse swatch 1

And then I swatched!  I mean, I didn’t swatch because I meant to.  I forgot to bring my beading needle to work, and had an hour to work on it, so I decided to use the beads I had already strung and just go for it.  This is helpful also because I decided to change bead colors- the more turquoisey one in the top picture is the one I’m going to use.  These beads are more blue. 

purse swatch

I really think it’s quite fetching.  I love the silk and mohair blend with the beads.  I’m pretty sensitive to mohair, so it’s nice to use it in something that won’t be wrapped around bare skin!  I’m so excited!  I’m working on it all weekend!


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