City Sliquors

 city sliquors
Really- That’s what it was called.

ANYWAY- Ben and I, the city slickers that we are, went to NYC  this past weekend to visit Becca. We had a great time! On Friday we went to a REALLY fun Beer Garden in Astoria- Square. I love ANYWHERE you can get cheese bratwurst and pitchers of Gerrman Hefeweis! I don’t have any pictures of the inside- it was like a big out door mess hall, with picnic tables everywhere. But I did get a picture of the billboard! TOTALLY FUN!
Beer Garden

On Saturday we waiting in the TKTS line and got tickets to Blithe Spirit starring Angela Lansbury!!

Totally great!  That crazy Noel Coward!  The set was beautiful, the costumes were perfect, and the acting was really really superb.  The lighting was very nice.  Very subtle- perfect for this kind of show.  TONS of R09!  One of my favorites, so I totally approve, but there was A LOT!  Rupert Everett definitely looks older, but I suppose that was bound to happen- just as charming as ever, though.  Angela was fantastic- she plays a real character, and she dances around the stage performing seances.  Fantastic!

We had a lovely meal at Daniel– superb.  (we did the tasting menu- it was so delicious.  And they knew it was Becca’s birthday, so they brought over a birthday dessert with a candle- of course that was in addition to the 7 desserts we already had on the table.)  We had brunch on Sunday in Astoria and then headed home.  For being such a crazy weekend, it was kind of low key.  Totally fun!  Next time we get to NYC, I’m going to have to visit some museums!  I’m going thru MOMA withdrawl up here in Boston!