Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get Summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  We’re finally getting some Summer weather up here in Boston!  Thank goodness!  I was beginning to think that Summer was never going to come!  Luckily, the Etsy Summer Fridays keep on coming- the past six have been:

1. Ice cream  2. Fire Flies  3 .The Beach 

4. The Clothes  5. Road Trip 6. Summer Sports

When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time getting lost with my grandmother and mother.  We used to drive around exploring and finding hidden places and streets.  It always ended with a good meal.   Of course, my favorite getting lost experiences with them always happened in the woods.  We’d go for hour long walks, exploring different parks and paths.  We’d find abandoned factories, grown over train tracks, and all sorts of animals.  I wish I had been more of a photographer back then- and had captured some of these afternoons.  So that’s my Etsy Friday this week: #8 Walk in the Woods

Brass Forest Necklace

I love this Brass Forest Necklace by Rag Trader– I love the asymetry of it. 

I heart hedgehogs -  A little girl shares a little love with her forest friend

I was never lucky to see a hedghog in the woods, but I did come across many turtles, frogs, deer, and bunnies.  This print “I Heart Hedgehogs” by The Light Garden is so cute.

Bird T-shirt Birds of North America Collage Audubon Colorful Graphic Tee S,M,L,XL,XXL

This Bird T-shirt by Isotope would be great to wear AND help identify all of the fun birds you see on your walk!!  My grandmother was a HUGE audobon fan, and would have LOVED this shirt.

Birch Trees in Winter Wall Decals Stickers Art Graphics

You can bring the woods indoors with these birch tree decals by Single Stone Studios.  It can be like your walking in the woods even in the winter in the middle of the city!  I love their shape!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

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