Adding to the Ranks

My friend Lindsay mentioned to me that she would like to learn how to knit- and OF COURSE, I told her I would teach her and we made plans to get together for it!

June 09 001
I packed my bag FULL of yarn. I didn’t know what would be most enticing! I also brought a bunch of books and magazines. For beginning knitters, I am partial to Stitch and Bitch for it’s fun language and easy to follow pictures, but alas, I don’t own a copy, so I brought along Stitch and Bitch Nation.  I also really love Mason Dixon Knitting  for beginners (I bought the original for Becca this past Christmas) because they have so many great garter stitch projects that you can make so much without leaving your comfort zone.  AND I’m totally dying to own the next one Mason Dixon Knitting: Knitting Outside the Lines.  I also brought a few Interweave Knits with smaller and simpler projects and we thumbed through the rest of them for the eye candy!

It’s always hard knowing what kind of yarn to teach someone with. I feel like most people are drawn to a project and that’s what makes them want to learn to knit. I am always tempted to begin people with yarn that is suitable for their project so that they don’t get discouraged when it comes time to knit it, but I find it easier to see stitches in larger yarns on larger needles.   If the person doesn’t have a project in mind, I always go with size 15 needles and Lion Brand Thick N Quick.  Unfortunately, because I have done this so often, all of the Thick N Quick in my stash has disappeared.  I have a lot of worsted weight wool though.  I guess I should start making something felted!

I started Lindsay on size 11 needles with worsted weight yarn, and she went for it!  I found this rad pink and red yarn for her to use, and left her a ball of noro to play with. 
June 09 003

This was a few weekends ago, so I’ll check with her to see how far she has gotten and let you know!

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