I cannot believe it’s about to be the first day of summer.  It doesn’t even feel like June. 

I haven’t been doing much- I did figure out where to go next on my shawl!
next place I'm going with my shawl.
We’ll see where I go after this- I don’t really have a plan.

I did do some fun stuff this weekend, but the pictures are trapped in my camera- another day.

I started stringing beads to make Morning Glory, but I think I’m going to completely deviate from the pattern. I realize that no one is suprised about this.   I have a ride down to NYC to work on it tomorrow- I can’t wait!


Etsy Friday- Summer Series

When I was young, my parents and I drove out to Arizona together.  It was QUITE the trip, and it seemed like a HUGE accomplishment when we got back!  Going on a road trip is something that I’ve done every summer for as long as I can remember.  Whether it’s only a few hours long or a few weeks, there’s something about getting in the car and just taking off that feels so freeing.   And that brings us to our Etsy Summer Series #5 Road Trips. (see #4 here)

Summer Road Trip - Fabric Postcard

Summer Road Trip Fabric Post Card by zizzybob.  Totally cute!  Time to get out on the open road!

Recycled BINGO Game Sketchbook Journal

A good travel journal is essential to any trip.  I’m digging this one made from a recycled BINGO game by somavenus.

Pencil Roll/Organizer - Fawns in the Forest

Having something to sketch with is pretty integral to any trip I take, so I should definitely invest in a nice colored pencil case.  I really love this one with fawns by Bellflower Textiles.

Le Petit Travel Set- Mini Eco snack bag and Petit Sandwich bag with Napkin\

Any great roadtrip involves great food- diners, bbq, fried clams (my fav!), but you need snacks for the car ride too!  I love this eco-friendly travel snack set by Evelyn Fields.   Carry all the snacks you need without any of the guilt.

Have a great weekend!  Take a road trip- see some sights!

One short year

This weekend Ben and I celebrated our first anniversary by heading up to North Conway, NH. It was so beautiful up there and not crowded at all because it’s kind of an off season. We stayed at this cute bed and breakfast called the Cabernet Inn. The Innkeepers, Bruce and Jessica, were absolutely fabulous. They gave us tons of tips on what to do during our stay, and Jessica made an awesome breakfast each morning (my favorite was totally the stuffed French toast- YUM!).
June 09 006

We spent most of our time out doors: hiking to waterfalls, golfing, and driving up Mt. Washington! We really lucked out with the weather- it was beautiful all weekend! We took in some amazing views-
June 09 098
June 09 017

Beautiful waterfalls-
June 09 121
Glen Ellis Falls
June 09 073
Diana’s Bath

And had some great meals-
June 09 011

It’s amazing that it’s been a year since our wedding. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was years ago. It was really nice to be able to get away and spend some time together without all of the distractions of our daily life.

Our actual anniversary was on Sunday, and I had some homework to do, so we celebrated by getting takeout Chinese and watching the Tony’s- totally appropriate and totally great. We saved the top of our wedding cake, but we keep forgetting to defrost it! I think we’re going to end up eating it next Sunday for our one year and one week anniversary!