Total geek out

A few weekends ago when I went to NYC I had a total geek out over the typography that was EVERYWHERE in NewYork- I mean, Really great use of fonts- really great mix of fonts- Great use of color.  SO- I totally geeked out, and I was taking pictures just like a tourist.  Whatev’  I’m cool. 

June 09 025
June 09 026
June 09 015
crazy matching of types
I love how different all of the signage is for the Barrymore.

AND THE TKTS BOOTH – Great design just using type- Simple and very effective:
June 09 027
like the repeating work in the back
nice use of type- love the colors

HEY Helvetica! Fancy meeting you here!
June 09 040

I’ll have to start looking around Boston more for Typographical choices.  I’m sure their not as bold as the ones I found here.


2 thoughts on “Total geek out

  1. I love in that last picture those two girls are clearly thinking “who is this tourist and what can we do to get rid of her?”

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