Etsy Friday (On Thursday) Summer Edition

You get Summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  I know it’s Thursday, but a lot of people have off tomorrow because the 4th is on a Saturday, so I thought you might need something fun to look at during your last hours of the work week.  I’m back with another Etsy Summer Friday (ahem- Thursday)- check out the past 7 if you’ve missed any:

1. Ice cream  2. Fire Flies  3 .The Beach  4. The Clothes 

5. Road Trip 6. Summer Sports 7. The Woods

It’s almost the 4th of July, so of course our Summer theme this Thursday is 7.FIREWORKS!  I can’t wait to see some this weekend!!

Love Sparks 2- 8x10

I always loved writing with sparklers.  I LOVE this Love Sparks Photo by Ablaze.  SO cool. 

Fireworks t-shirt - 0015

This Fireworks T Shirt by Market Store Shoppe is totally fun!! 

Fireworks Hand Painted Silk Scarf SALE

This Handpainted Silk Scarf by Ocean Avenue Scarves is patriotic without being cheesey.  And because it’s probably not going to hit 80 on the 4th, you might need this while watching those fireworks!

by july 4th they had become alarmingly close

I LOVE this Original Watercolor by ArtMeister.  Love the style, Love the phrase, Love the firecracker.

Fireworks Necklace

This Fireworks Necklace by Jane Michael is so beautiful. 

Fireworks- hand dyed merino silk laceweight yarn - 4.2 oz.

This yarn rocks:  Fireworks hand dyed laceweight merino silk by Heritage Needlework.  I want like everything in her store!  Maybe I’ll knit something  patriotic while watching the fireworks!!

Have a Happy Independence Day!


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