Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get Summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  The past 8 have been.  Check them out!:

1. Ice cream  2. Fire Flies  3 .The Beach  4. The Clothes 

5. Road Trip 6. Summer Sports 7. The Woods 8. Fireworks

I always forget how great camping is.  I didn’t really do it as a kid, and when I was introduced to it by a friend around 14, I thought it was so cool.  Getting to sleep outside and eat outside and be outside all day!  What could be better!?  I don’t think it’s the best thing ever anymore, but I’m definitely into it during the summer.  I’m going this weekend- and I can’t wait!  That brings us to this week’s Etsy Friday- Summer Edition: Camping.


Flirt Apron - RV Road Trip - Airstream VW Bus Winnebago

Wear this awesome Campy Apron by Perdoozy around the campfire.  You’ll be the coolest outdoor cook around.

Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace with Free Shipping

This Pocket Knife Necklace by Contrary is so beautiful and functional!  It’s so sleek and so sneaky!  I absolutely love it.  Not only is it great for camping- it’s perfect for snipping yarn whether that is happening around the campfire or on the couch!

Don't Bug Me Bath and Body Set

I am dying to try out this “Don’t Bug Me” Bath and Body set by Nikki Candles.  I’m so weirded out by all the chemicals in the regular bath stuff, but it’s better than getting eaten alive!

Large 14 x 14 Wet Bag Wetbag Boy Groovy Guitar Fabric / Perfect for Diapers / Gym / Swim / SEALED SEAMS and SNAP STRAP

This groovy Wet Bag by Monkey Foot Designs is awesome!  This would be perfect to pack in when you go backpacking or to take with you canoing!  Wet socks are the worst!  I usually pack in a big plastic bin to avoid dampness, but this bag is a much better solution!

Well, now I’m actually getting pretty excited about camping!  Only a few hours and I will be roasting marshmallows and complaining about the bugs!

Have a great weekend!

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