Etsy Friday- Summer Edition

You get Summer Fridays at work, why should my Etsy Fridays be any different?  The past 9 have been.  Check them out!:

1. Ice cream  2. Fire Flies  3 .The Beach  4. The Clothes 5. Road Trip

 6. Summer Sports 7. The Woods 8. Fireworks 9. Camping

And today is our last Summer Friday!  This summer has been so dreary that these Etsy Summer Fridays have made me more wistfull than anything.  I have not had a bathing suit on once nor have I gone canoing yet!  I guess I still have a lot to do in August!  The one thing we have been able to do fairly often this summer is cook outdoors.   That brings us to our final Etsy Friday Summer Edition- Cooking Outside.

Let's Eat BBQ Invitation - Set of 12

How cool is this set of invites by Saddle Stitch Studio!?  Forget Evites- work the snail mail angle with these well designed invitations.

Portable Folding Grill Table

This portable table by Simply Rustic Woodworking  is like- the best outdoor food cooking accessory EVER!  Bring it camping or just to the backyard.  It’s a great size, shape, and it’s totally cute. 

1/4 Pound Barbeque Spice Blend

YUM!  A 1/4 pound of this barbeque spice rub by Layla would set me up for all summer!

Iron Collapsable Fire Grate for outdoor cooking, Blacksmith Made

This collapsable outdoor fire grate by Corvid Forge ROCKS!  You can bring it anywhere! 

T-Bone Pocket

If you’re barbequing- you are in NEED of this apron by Snappy Shop.  I am so in need of her bacon and eggs pocket apron for brunches!  ADORABLE!

Herb Chopper

This herb chopper by Old School Tools is a great everyday item, but it’s perfect for when you need that rustic feel of chopping up your herbs while standing outside drinking a beer.

Southwest Wok - Upcycled tractor disk

This Southwest Wok  by Rio Grand Iron Works would be AWESOME on a camping trip.  And what a great story- “Hon, can you grab the tractor disk out of the Subaru?  It’s time for dinner.”

Wow- I really want to go grill a steak now!


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