Etsy Friday

In honor of Harry Potter’s (and apparently J.K. Rowling’s) Birthday, let’s geek out together on this Etsy Friday!

Harry Potter Buttons - Set A

What a fun Harry Potter Button Set by Robot Scrapyard!  I love the attention to detail in the design.  All of them are perfect!

Hermione's Snitch Necklace

This Snitch Necklace by Trophies is beautiful!  Show your Harry Potter fandome and a beautiful necklace!  You can wear it while sitting near your:

Harry Potter Golden Snitch   Silhouette Wall Art Decal

SNITCH WALL DECAL by Icee Mudd!!!!!  HOW AWESOME!  I totally want this for my studio!! 
Expecto Patronum Tshirt

I know I need an Expecto Patronum T-Shirt!  This one by Geek Boy Press is well designed with a great color scheme and an eye catching graphic.

PRE-ORDER - Borgin and Burke's - GEM BiffleSock - 350yds/100g

I’m totally into this Biffle and Botts Sock Yarn by Green Eyed Monster.  I’m pretty sure Harry wouldn’t be into this colorway, though.

Harry Potter Mini Book Charm Bracelet LAST ONE (etsy)

This mini book charm bracelet by Atlantis 804 is so cute!!  What a great idea!!

Radish earrings n red and green - exquisite - inspired by Luna Lovegood character

You might be cool enough to hang out with Luna Lovegood with these Radish Earrings by Yoola.


Happy Birthday Harry!  Love the latest movie!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Friday

  1. I can’t decide which I like the most! I can see me with the buttons, and I do like the t-shirt as well, although it’s maybe a little more masculine? Is there a gryffindor/ravenclaw themed sock yarn colourway as well? And those earrings would definitely keep off Nargles!

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