Everywhere there’s signs

We went to Provincetown this past weekend, and I could not stop taking pictures of all of the fanastic signage everywhere! There were all sorts of handpainted signs, sleek designed signs, and even mosaics!
PTown 004
PTown 011
PTown 012
PTown 015
PTown 016
PTown 017
PTown 019
PTown 021
PTown 022
It’s such a fun and really visually intersting town!  We also saw this awesome mural in the restaurant where we ate.  Very 3 Musicians by Picasso, no?- PTown 023

Don’t worry we didn’t just look at signs all day. We shopped, visited galleries, did a wine tasting, and even said hi to the ocean!

PTown 048
PTown 058
PTown 067

and of course- We ate lobster!
PTown 112


4 thoughts on “Everywhere there’s signs

  1. Provincetown looks so cool! My cousin will be there for eight months on a residency program, and I’m hoping to find the time to visit.

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