Craft show detox

Day 2 set up!

So the craft show went pretty well!  We got everything done in time, and worked on our set up.   This is our set up from Sunday – Totally cute, right?  We hung the paintings up around the sides of the canopy so people could see them from inside and out.  We had the smaller paintings sitting on the easel in the left of the picture.  On the tables we had cards and collages and some post cards.  I also brought along some digital prints which people seemed to really like flipping through!  Last but certainly not least- I brought my broaches and hung them on ribbon at the entrance.  I made two new broaches: a tomato and a carrot!  TOTALLY CUTE!

Becca, Ben and my parents were a HUGE HELP!  They helped me set up, figure out pricing, put everything into baggies, cut down my cards and labels, and gave me a ton of support!  We didn’t get a lot of traffic – the festival didn’t get a lot of traffic, and the people who came were not prepared for there to be a craft fair.  It was still a fun time, but none of the vendors did very well including me.  I can’t wait to do another show, though!

I’ll be back in the next couple of days to show you the new items I made for the festival!  I’m planning a big shop update for Tuesday!


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