Shawl of Glory

I finally have a good batch of pictures of Liz’s Shawl, so I can put up a real finished post!  I have been finished this shawl since Liz’s graduation which was on Memorial Day!  Of course, I finished it the night before and was pulling the pins out the morning we had to leave.  I HAD to take pictures with Liz on Thursday because she moved down to DC for her dream job!  (YAY LIZ!)  The shawl looks beautiful, Liz is beautiful, and the day was beautiful. 

Pattern: Shipwreck from Knitty, Spring 09
Yarn: Vally Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Lace in Natural
Knit for: The Lovely Liz
Deviations from the Pattern: I did not use beads. I also didn’t do the border as large as it is written, but I did block it more agressively so that it was a bit larger. I have promised to paint it or dye it as Liz would like. I told her to wait until she got something on it, and I would dye it for her.


August 2009 152
This shawl is so beautiful. The patterns flow so nicely into one another, and it was really a pleasure to knit.

August 2009 132
I really loved the yarn, too. The shawl is suprisingly warm yet it’s so light and soft. It was very economical for a full cone, and I have plenty left over! I think I might make a little shawl for myself!

August 2009 171
Light and Airy.

August 2009 144
I want to make myself one next! Beautiful!

August 2009 127


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