Etsy Friday

Rainy Days are a comin’ thanks to Danny. It’s going to be a pretty bleak weekend!  I’m gearing up with a Rainy Day Etsy Friday!!

Rainy Day Save the Date

I love this Rainy Day Save the Date by Ello There Invitations.  I would love to send these out for my party!  Ooh- Impromptu Rainy weekend party, anyone?

Uriel - 11x14 Fine Art Photograph Print

Love this photograph entitled Uriel by Aral 33.  I love clouds.  I love watching them come in and gather for a storm.  I don’t love the getting wet part, but what can you do?

Get Wellies Soon...Limited Edition...Screen print poster

I can’t even talk about how much I love this Screen Print by Blu Lima.  LOVE the pun- LOVE the ORANGE- LOVE THE TEAL!   OH gosh!  Love this one too!

Afternoon Shower Crew Neck T Shirt

I don’t usually buy T-Shirts, but I might make an exception for this Afternoon Showers T-Shirt by Circular Accessories.

Prayers For Rain - Superwash Merino FINGERING

What else are you going to do while it’s raining?  Buy this superwash merino fingering weight by Lotus Yarns, and knit the day away!   I love the color AND the name- “Prayers for Rain”!


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