I’m back at it.

Ben's right sleeve

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, your probably familiar with Ben’s sweater.  I’ve been knitting it- for about 2 years.  Well, it will be two years in October.  It’s EZ’s Saddle Shouldered Aran recipe.  I bought the wool (Reynold’s Lopi) at Rhinebeck in 2007 and have very slowly been working on it.  I am finished with the lower body portion, almost done the first arm, and am going to start the second arm this week.  Then I just have to finish the yoke.  You see, it’s not that the sweater is entirely difficult or time consuming.  The problem is that when I have completed all the knitting – I have to cut the sweater down the center.  Terrifying.  I know that’s why I’ve been putting off its completion.  I have to finish it by Rhinebeck this year- Ben’s coming, and he’ll need something to wear. 


2 thoughts on “I’m back at it.

  1. Looks good! Keep at it! Have you seen Julie & Julia yet? At the end of the movie, she has to bone a duck and she’s terrified of it, but it turns out to be easier than she thought. So I think you can totally cut a sweater down the middle. (why does Ben need a cardigan? What’s wrong with a pullover?)

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