Etsy Friday

I saw 500 Days of Summer last night.  It was pretty adorable, but the thing I loved most about the movie was the animation.  It was so – well it made me want to go home and draw.  I’ve been thinking a lot about illustration lately, and I simply love how everyone has a different drawing style- like their handwriting.   I’ve been kind of obsessed with Edward Gorey this week.  So, I thought this Friday we could have a collection of some of my favorite illustrators on Etsy-

Olivetti Green

Olivetti Green by Virginia Kraljevic

LOVE the color.  Love the imbalance in the actual typewriter.

Knitty, knitty

Knitty Knitty by Ashley G

I love Ashley G.  She was one of my first Etsy loves. 

Silk - Print

Silk by Yellena

I love how this piece makes me feel: floating- weightless, precious.

Happy Moment 19/100

Happy Moment by Shirae Sela

I love the denseness of the sea and the clear cool blue of the air.  I want to be here.

Honeybird (white/pink)

Honeybird by YumiYumi

I love the use of colors and patterns in this piece.  I want to get to know this little bird better.

Now all I want to do is go home and draw!

Have a great weekend!


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