Printing the night away

I have a craft show coming up this weekend!!  Last month I spent a crazy amount of time getting ready for the one show I participated in. Luckily, because I put so much time getting ready for that one, I’m pretty prepared for the one coming up on Sunday. I’ll be at stART on the Street in Worcester, MA.  If you’re around you should totally stop by!

I sold a bunch of my card sets at the last show, so on Friday I decided that I really had to work on making more. I get a lot of questions about how I make my printed cards, so I thought it might be a cool process to walk through-

Laying out the ink
Choosing a color is my favorite part of printing- that and choosing paper, but since we’re printing cards- that’s for another day. I chose to start with orange- mostly because I love orange, and because as I move to the next color, I like to leave a little of the last color on the block and create some mixing on the print.

Rolling on the color
This is a linoleum block I handcut last year. It always reminds me of spring. When you lay on the color, you want to make sure it’s even, but not to thick. If it’s too thick it can seep into unwanted places on your block and mess up your design.

Transfering the design onto the paper
After you do the intial paper- ink contact, you need to make sure that the ink thoroughly and evenly gets onto the paper. I use a wooden spoon for this (sometimes I also use a bone folder) because it has a lovely curve to it that I find perfect for getting the contact I want.

All the hard work pays off!
I did four sets of four cards, and eight prints. I go into the prints and embellish them, so they’ll be one of a kind pieces.

I have one set of cards for sale in my Etsy Shop currently- check them out!


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