Etsy Friday

I live in Salem, MA and yesterday was the kick off of our month-long celebration of Halloween!  You have to start thinking early about Halloween around these parts!!  We’re having a Dr. Horrible themed Halloween Party this year, so I thought a Dr. Horrible themed Etsy Friday would be a great way to kick off  October! (Oh- BTW if you don’t own the dvd- it’s totally worth the purchase for the awesome commentary!)

Dr. Horrible Howie Style Red Lab Coat Sm - Lg

This Dr. Horrible Lab Coat by Hand Picked Necklaces is just perfect.  We’re having an Evil League of Evil theme, so you’d have to come in the red lab coat because that’s what Dr. Horrible wears after he gets inducted.  Too geeky?  Sorry.

Horrible vs Hammer Button Dangle Earrings

Be still my heart.  With these Dr. Horrible vs Captain Hammer Earrings by Man Handled I don’t have to choose an allegiance.  I mean seriously- How are we supposed to choose between Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion?!  It’s simply impossible!  But that’s another discussion for another day…

Zappin awesome Altered Steampunk Science Fiction Ray Squirt Gun

Freeze Ray anyone?  Perfect compact size freeze ray by Dolphin Daze is pretty awesome.  A larger freeze ray is more powerful, but much less convenient.

Dr Horrible Freeze Ray Shirt

This is a pretty awesome Freeze Ray Shirt by Fueled by Sugar!

Captain Hammer Corporate Tool Shirt Medium

Or of course you could get their Captain Hammer shirt.   It is a bit more witty.

Or you could also buy official Dr. Horrible merchandise (“I do the weird stuff” T-shirt anyone?)!

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Etsy Friday

  1. So I feel like I should know this, but I don’t. 1) Who is Captain Hammer? Was this a TV show? and 2) Is Captain Hammer the same guy who plays Castle?

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