State of The Art

Ever since I heard Edward Goldman talk about the Obama’s art choices deviating from the White House norm- I was dying to see what they chose!  Choosing pieces from many African American, Native American, and female artists- they have come up with a wide range of art.  You can see the full list here.

I love that we have a President and First Lady that care so much about the art that surrounds their life.  I love that they went all out and got art that really speaks to their taste and also their values.  I don’t want to nit pick as so many people have about there not being enough women artists or any Latino artists- isn’t it enough that the Obamas worked to get art that spoke to them?  Let’s lay off picking on their choices for at least a week, ok?

I love how they chose to have Rodin sculptures, Winslow Homer, and Jasper Johns.  It seems like the art in the West Wing isn’t as distinctly modern as the other pieces, but it is interesting that President Obama chose so many original patent models.  What a neat thing to display!!

Really what it comes down to is that I’m insanely jealous- could you IMAGINE decorating your living space (even if it’s just for 8 years) with whatever museum pieces you like?!  It definitely seems like the coolest reason to become president that I’ve heard!

Here are some of my favorites.  They all are hung in the residence:

Winslow Homer — “Sunset” (c. 1875) — National Gallery of Art

Alma Thomas — “Watusi (Hard Edge)” (1963) — Hirshhorn Museum

Susan Rothenberg — “Butterfly” (1976) — National Gallery of Art

Leon Polk Smith — “Stretch of Black III”

Black Like Me 2

Glenn Ligon — “Black Like Me #2” (1992) — Hirshhorn Museum

Sam Francis. The White Line. (1960)

Sam Francis “The White Line” -Moma

Mark Rothko — “No. 17” or “No. 15” aquired, but not assigned a location

Dear Pres and Mrs. O,

Please find a place for the Rothko! 

Can I come visit?  Thanks!

Love, Lindsey


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