Etsy Friday

Because this weekend is Rhinebeck, I think we should look forward to what I am going to do with all of the awesome yarn that I’m going to get there!


Lillian Sweater pattern by A Black Pepper

I love the cabling and the shape in this pattern.  I looks like I”ll need 1300- 1450 yards of worsted weight yarn for this one. 

DragoneFly Shawl Pattern -  PDF

Dragonfly Shawl by Aurora Alpacas

I really need to knit myself a shawl.  I love how this one is made to stay on your shoulders.  This seller also sells kits!

Jasper Wrap Knitting Pattern (PDF)

Jasper Wrap by Sadie and Oliver

I LOVE the collar on this wrap.  This would be perfect for a crisp fall walk!  We’re apparently skipping fall this year, but next year it would be lovely!

Pug with Anorak - PDF File

I can’t wait to knit this adorable Pug with an Anorak by Fuzzy Mitten!!!   HE IS SO ADORABLE!  And he even has a curly tail!  GOSH!  She has so many cute patterns!

Have a great weekend!!


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