I can’t believe a week and a half has alreayd gone by!- Rhinebeck was so much fun this year eventhough it was very cold and raining on Sunday. 

Unlike years past (I’m looking at you ’07) It was perfect knitwear weather- perfect, I have to wear a hat, scarf, and mittens because it’s so cold weather.

Fall 09 204
On Saturday, Jessie wore her -“It’s been in a closet for a year because I can’t figure out what to do with the button issue” sweater. It’s Emerald by Amy Swenson btw.

Fall 09 206
We saw a ton of sheep and alpacas! We even visited the goat tent his year!

And like every year- there was so much yarn.
Fall 09 230
Fall 09 231
I bought less than I usually do this year. A LOT less. As I’m sure you can tell by my blog, I’ve been knitting a lot less, and I haven’t knit up a lot of the yarn I bought last year! Of course, a lot less than I bought last year is still quite a lot of yarn!

OH! And we met Flint Knits! A new north shore friend!! Clara Parkes touched my sweater!!!!

The Ravelry party was so much fun!!  It was a lot warmer this year, and the cupcakes were EVEN CUTER- if that’s possible! 
Ysolda as BOb
While waiting for the bus we got to hang out with Bob/ Ysolda!

Yarny Friends
We were yarny ready! We got coats too- we were ready for a chilly night!

It seemed like there were a lot more people there this year. The tents looked so beautiful!

party knitting
During the party we knit of course! That’s my fingerless mitt mingling with the sweater Jessie is working on!

A cupcake for the road!

The Ravelry meet ups were super fun even though Sunday’s was very damp.
Fall 09 210

Fall 09 213
This is us on Sunday- We both wore our February Lady Sweaters on Sunday.  Jessie’s wearing a cabled hat that I made her, and an entrelac scaf she made a few years ago.  I’m wearing my Rhinebeck scarf  (the yarn was purchased at the first Rhinebeck Jessie and I went to together and completed for our second Rhinebeck),  a Porom, and a Calorimetry that Jessie knitted for me a while back.

Enough already you say?  What did I buy?
Colored Locks
Dyed Leischester Longwool Locks from Hopping Acres– I’m planning on making some felted fingerless mitts with these on the edges. I’m pretty excited about it!

shawl pin from moving mud
I LOVE everything Moving Mud makes and I was not allowed to buy anymore of their buttons because I have such a large stash of them at home, but when we were on our way out on Sunday I found a loophole! SHAWLPIN! Now I just have to knit a shawl for myself!

Rhinebeck Spoils
Yarn!  Shetland Supreme One Ply Goassamer from Jamieson and Smith, 2000 yards of Chaco worested weight wool from The Little Barn, and solo silk and some sale yarn from Brooks Farm.

Very fun and successful Rhinebeck!!  Can’t wait till next year!  I’ll have to work harder to knit up all the yarn I have!!


2 thoughts on “Rhinebeck!

  1. It was nice to see you both, and I’m so sorry I didn’t remember both your names. Looks like you had way more energy than I, I haven’t been to a Rav party since the first one… I’m just too tired and hurty to make it that long a day.

    I love your shawl pin, but really really adore the fiber. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate them into your mitts. 🙂

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