Etsy Friday

I”ve been obsessed with this Mary Celeste Ship Hat that was on an Etsy Showcase. 

The Enchanting Marie Celeste Ship Hat (reserved)

too awesome, right?  I’ve been obsessing over the perfect headpieces.

Graphic Camellia Cocktail Hat

I don’t know if I can pull of this gorgeous Graphic Camelia Cocktail Hat by Emilliner.  I’d love to try, though.

English Garden sash or headband - a Versatile Piece

I love that this English Garden Headpiece by Little White Dresser can also be worn as a headband.  The roses are so gorgeous!

royal blue cloche

GASP!  This royal blue cloche by Behida is AMAZING!  It’s making me wish that I was being a flapper for Halloween!

Rome Fascinator - Feather flower headpiece and birdcage veil.

How sassy is this birdcage veil with blue headpiece by Tie and Feathered?!  SO SASSY!


Happy Halloween!!!


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