It’s that time of year again…

If you’re a crafter, I”m sure you’ve felt the creeping sensation that starts around late October.  It sorts of grabs hold of you, and you can’t sit still without thinking about it.  It’s not a bad feeling- it’s holiday crafting stress.  I mean, I love making Christmas presents for my friends and family, but it does need to be planned.  All week I’ve been trying to get my husband to talk about our holiday plan on the way to work.  Are we going to make a calendar?  Pot holders?  Cookies?  And what about our families?  Should we get the joint gifts?  Does your sister need more scarves?  It can be daunting, so I’ve been spending some time on Etsy trying to find supplies to spark a great idea!
14 pcs petrol satin organza flowers
I love these Organza Flowers by Milky Supplies.   Not only would these be adorable embelishments on any hat, headband, or broach; they would be fantastic to wrap presents with!  And very cost effective!!
One Crafter's Trash Blues and Greens
This pile of felted wool by Barely Knit Together is a great starting point whether you want to make cosies or wrist warmers or little bags or stuffed animals!
2CM Felt Balls/24-Piece - Deep Red
I love these Felt Beads by Handmade Felts.  These would make a beautiful necklace or bracelet! 
FIGHT CLUB Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight Yarn (Tesla)
This Superwash Merino by Gaslight Dyeworks has the best name: Fight Club!  Of course, now we can’t talk about it.
Timeless Treasures - Apple Collection, Apples in Cream, 1 yard -- LOW SHIPPING
I LOVE THIS APPLE FABRIC FROM MATERIAL GALS STORE!!!  This would make the best project bag  and then you could cut out the apples from the scraps and embroider them on things!!!  SHIRTS!  Oh my gosh- I need this fabric!
HAPPY CRAFTING!!  Have a great weekend!

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