Apple Cider Donuts


I made Apple Cider Donuts yesterday. Growing up in South Jersey, they were a Autumn staple. I never got any this year! Ben had a party at work, and when he asked me to cook for it I knew what I had to make. YUM! I used Smitten Kitten’s recipe. They were awesome!! I’m so not ready to let go of Fall!

7 thoughts on “Apple Cider Donuts

  1. I’m not big on fried sweets, but I love apple cider donuts– they remind me of going to the apple festival in Medford every fall. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked, but sadly I don’t think I’ll get around to making it.

    • I know! It is sticking around quite a while this year. It’s been so warm this week! I guess we won’t be getting snow on Thanksgiving!

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