Etsy Friday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am SERIOUSLY craving sweet potatos.  That’s right- this Etsy Friday is all about sweet potatos.

Sweet Potato
I LOVE this print by Ashley G entitled “Sweet Potatoes“.   It’s so sweet.
Me and Matilda Everyday Necktie Orange Damask
This sweet potato colored necktie by Me and Matilda would make the perfect Thanksgiving tie!  Everyone will wish they had dressed to match a side dish after you look so chic doing it!
Sweet Potato Pie Aloe Vera Soap
Mmmm.  What perfect soap to have in your bathroom when the fam shows up for Thanksgiving.  Sweet Potato Pie Soap by Savor would also make a great stocking stuffer for oh um- anyone!
Sweet Potato (Simply Fingering)
oooh- knit your self a sweet potato pie with this beautiful fingering weight merino by Springvalley Yarns.
Yam finger puppet - Sam - 1 of 7 Different Thanksgiving Puppets Available
This yam fingerpuppet by felt playground rocks my socks.  I feel like their Thanksgiving fingerpuppets would be a great addition to the table (kids or adults!)

One thought on “Etsy Friday

  1. OMG, that tie is awesome. I wish Matt would wear something like that, but he is not as adventurous with his clothing, sigh. Also, I wanted to tell you that the cards and collage came!! I love them! Thank you SO much!

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