Etsy Friday

I feel like Holiday cards are a test.  I know that sounds crazy, but it seems to me that if you get your cards sent out in a timeley manner, and your cards are cute and meaningful – you win as a person.  I mean- is that crazy?  Every year December comes around and I pester Ben to bring the holiday cards home, he shows up with them on

December 23rd, and we fail as adults.  Over and over again.  I’m hoping this year that we do a little better, and me being in charge of the cards would go a long way toward a victory.  ANYWAY- let’s get on with it!

Holiday ornament card image

These Christmas Ornament Cards by Oh So Good are oh so cute! I love the ribbon detail!

Jolly Elephant Card Image

The elephants on these Holly Jolly Elephant Cards by Red Bird Ink are charming.  Very unexpected, but delightful!

Christmas Stories Card Image

This Christmas Stories Card by Freshly Skweezed is beautiful, but my favorite part is the library card sleeve on the inside that reads “We’d like to renew our holiday greetings”. PERFECT!

Oh Christmas Tree Card Image

This Oh Christmas Tree Card by Studio B Design is a great use of Garamond, and a great card. Totally cool enough to send to all of your graphic design friends!

Good luck writing out your Holiday Cards this weekend! Oh- AND HAPPY HANNUKAH!!


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