Etsy Wednesday

I’ve been quite delinquent about my Etsy Fridays lately, so I believe I owe you three!  Since one of my new years resolutions is to be a better blogger, let’s have at it- I’m going to try to get you three color themed etsy Fridays by New Years!

Let’s start with Purple, it being my current favorite.–

Labrynth Necklace Picture
I love this Orchard Labrynth Necklace by Sora Designs. I love the color (obviously), and the dainty little ferns leaf.

pleated neckline shirt picture
I want this Pleated Neckline Top by Linola. It would be the perfect addition to my work wardrobe!

Knitting Nerd Print Image
I would like to invite this Knitting Nerd Print by Layren Gregg home to live with me. I love her retro illustration style, and who doesn’t love a knitting bat?

Magnolia Moleskin Image
These Purple Magnolia Notebooks by Shoofly totally ring my bell. The illustration is beautiful.


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