Wrap up for 2009!

WOW!  I can’t believe it’s already January 13th!  I started writing this post 2 weeks ago, but I guess I was holding onto 2009 a little too much, and just couldn’t put it all behind me. 

Happy New Year! 

FO's 2009

1. Kate 2 fm, 2. Kate fm, 3. Maryanne fm, 4. Corey’s Hat, 5. Yellow Fingerless Mitts, 6. Liz’s Shawl, 7. Multicolor Baby Booties, 8. Porom Mitts, 9. honeycomb hat 5, 10. Liz with scarf!

This year I’ve been putting most of my creative energy into school, so my knitting has been very down.  I did work a bunch on Ben’s sweater which, it seems, will NEVER be done.  My biggest accomplishment was definitely Liz’s shawl that I gave her for graduation.   I kind of can’t believe I knit it.  I knit a bunch of things to sell this eyar.  All those fingerless mitts, and my honeycomb hat is still for sale in my etsy shop.

I did not complete most of my knitting resolutions for 2009, but I’m really looking at 2009 and as rebuilding year (Isn’t that what they always say when a sports team is awful one year?).  A year with lots of planning and lots of dreaming.  The only project I finished for myself this year was the purple fingerless mitts, and I totally lost one on the T. 

My only knitting resolutions for 2010 is to finally finish Ben’s sweater, and get in front of my custom orders, and get some knitted things up in my etsy shop! 

In life- I’m trying to be more creative everyday, eat healthier which includes a 2 week detox that I”m presently doing, and to promote myself more.   I have 8 more months left in my graphic and web design program, and I need to have a plan for when that finishes! 

HAPPY 2010!  I hope it lives up to all the promise it holds–


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