Etsy Friday

In honor of my two favorite adorable kitties, Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth, let’s have a Calico Cat Etsy Friday!

blackberry upload 118July 2009 002

Watercolor print of cat pawing at fishbowl
I absolutely love this Water Color Print by LBerge. Maybe I need to commission a Queen Elizabeth and Cleopatra portrait!

Calico Cat Plates
I totally need a few of these Calico Cat Plates by Firecat Pottery. How adorable!! I love that you can order them as nesting plates, too!

Calico Cat Tuna on Canvas
I love the style of this Collage on Canvas by Gemini Studio. I want this for my kitchen!

Calico Cat Tile
How adorable is this Calico Cat Tile by Maid of Clay?! SO ADORABLE! I love her little teeth!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Friday

    • You’re absolutely right! I should definitely do my own portraits of Cleo and Q! Maybe I’ll even fake it and paint one of them being friendly!

      In other news– We got our house! We have an inspection this Saturday, and it everything goes well, we’ll close on March 5!!

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