Happy Groundhog Day!

I don’t really get Groundhog Day- wasn’t it a much bigger deal when we were kids? I remember coloring groundhogs and learning all about the day. Now, I feel like I never know it’s groundhog day until after he’s seen his shadow and we’re having 6 more weeks of winter. AND when was the last time the groundhog didn’t see his shadow for that matter? I can’t remember when we ever weren’t going to have 6 more weeks of winter. None the less- it’s a fun holiday. Way better than ,a href=”http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2010/02/01/without_groundhogs_alaska_to_celebrate_marmot_day/”>Alaska’s. I guess they can credit Sarah with doing something while she was in office there. And- aren’t groundhog marmots?

felted groundhog
I thought this groundhog named Brigid by Mamaroots was way too cute not to share. Mamaroots info on groundhog day is definitely worth the look. And look- she sees her shadow. Big suprise.


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