Reuse! Craft!

How to rewire a lamp from the NY Times

It’s pretty awesome that the NY Times has published this guide to rewiring a lamp.  While, having three experts to call when having a diy project like this is a luxury afforded only to reporters, it’s actually a good guide to the technical side of rewiring a lamp.  There are so many beautiful things that we throw away instead of fixing or finding other purposes for- it’s nice to see this article.

Seeing that it’s Earth Day, I’m looking for some other great projects for reusing materials that I have around.

light bulb chandelier
Recycled Lightbulb Chandelier from Readymade.  I pretty much all things light related, and I hate throwing away old light bulbs, so this chandelier is the optimal project for me!  I can’t wait to amass the amount of light bulbs I will need to make this for my studio!

monogrammed napkins from a vintage sheet

Monogrammed napkins from a vintage sheet by Leethal. Genius!  They are so pretty and are so eye catching as napkins.  I think I’m going to try to make these this weekend!

Have a happy Earth Day!


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