About ME

Lindsey lives with with her husband, two calico cats, and a springer spaniel. She loves knitting, NPR, and alpacas.

lindsey paint


4 thoughts on “About ME

  1. So nice to meet a fellow “transplanted New Jersian”!

    I’m a south Jersey (Haddonfield) transplant — via Florida, where I spent 10 years after college — to the Ozarks in Arkansas.

    DEFINITELY a culture shock — but the slower paced lifestyle and friendly people made the change worth it!

  2. okay, went to salem and love it. I plan to visit lots.

    if you want to get out of the craziness over the next couple of weekends come into the city,. we can toally knit together. I live in southie but love exploring new parts of the city.

    did I mention that I love salem.

  3. Wow!! Lindsey!! I’m not sure why you’ve taken on this new schooling -it looks to me you really know what you’re doing. You’re good at this “glowing box of information” thing. I might be hiring you for some tutoring.
    I LOVE you’re chosen quotes (Chagall is one of my favorites) AND you’re passion for crafts. I always felt that I was all over the place with my liking this and then that, but you’ve made it look very acceptable and even promising. Thanks for the inspiration to be myself and celebrate it!
    Your new classmate-Corey

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