Cat Scan!

I stumbled upon this awesome blog of cat scans- scanned cats that is. They make really interesting images, but it must have been very difficult to get these shots at all. Cats are hard to corner. Head over to The Cat Scan to check it out.


Sporty Politics

Ben sporty
My husband always has a lot to say. Sometime’s it’s interesting and sometime’s it’s not (well to me- anyway) So- he started his own blog, and it’s pretty good so far. He talks about sports and politics, and every so often he talks about issues that are important to our country. Check his blog out– please.  I’m tired of listening to him.

Monday Blues

I went somewhere very cool on Friday. I’ll be back later this week to tell you about it!!

We had gorgeous weather all weekend, and unfortunately I did not take any pictures to remember it by because we are back to the sludge weather. Snow/ rain all day. Where did you go blue skies and 60 degrees?! WHERE?!

I started a new module in class, and have a great new teacher! Check out her website– totally fun!