Drawing a Day: What Does the Fox Say?


Here is my second Drawing a Day. I’ve been thinking a lot about foxes lately. Mostly because I’ve been singing this in my head non-stop since I heard it. This little guy is having some fun in the snow.


Getting back to it

I have been seriously neglecting my art and my blog, so I’m getting back into it!  I’m going to start doing a drawing a day challenge.  I will be doing this for the next 2 months and sharing them on this blog.  The bad the good and the indecipherable.

Any tips for getting back into the creative groove?

Journals on Etsy

Etsy Friday has pretty much fizzled out, but I have been creating Treasuries on Etsy, and I thought I would share them here.  I love school supplies and empty books- ready for musings or drawings or numbers.  A new journal is just the ticket!  See the treasury here on Etsy.

Pages for you

Etsy Friday

I thought this Etsy Friday I would share a few geeky thing that I’ve been eyeing on Etsy. Gotta wear your geek proudly, ya know?

Recylced Circuit Board Necklace

This Recycled Circuit Board Necklace by Amanda Preske is a favorite of mine.  I actually just bought several things from her shop- I love how she reuses circuit-boards, but also how modern and funky the patterns are.  Also- as a shop owner, she was a delight to do business with.

Baby Logic HTML onesie

Baby logic HTML onesie transfer by Designvine

I Love you more than Ira Glass

I love you more that I love Ira Glass card by Merry Blues Art