A moment of Blue

I love the lines and colors of this photograph


I’m also missing being on vacation and on the water today, I suppose.


Etsy Friday

I thought this Etsy Friday I would share a few geeky thing that I’ve been eyeing on Etsy. Gotta wear your geek proudly, ya know?

Recylced Circuit Board Necklace

This Recycled Circuit Board Necklace by Amanda Preske is a favorite of mine.  I actually just bought several things from her shop- I love how she reuses circuit-boards, but also how modern and funky the patterns are.  Also- as a shop owner, she was a delight to do business with.

Baby Logic HTML onesie

Baby logic HTML onesie transfer by Designvine

I Love you more than Ira Glass

I love you more that I love Ira Glass card by Merry Blues Art

Give me Bright Colors – Etsy Friday

I’m done with you February.  Let’s get some bright colors happening on this (only sometimes- but always on a) Etsy Friday.

Rainbow Polka-Dot Wavy Rimmed Dish

Rainbow Polka-Dot Wavy Rimmed Dish by chARiTyelise


SUCCULENTS by Blackbird Experience


Sprout by Magnolia Handspun

SCILIA rainbow crystal ring

SCILIA rainbow crystal ring by Briana Rose

Come on Spring!  Let’s hurry up!

Etsy Friday

In honor of my two favorite adorable kitties, Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth, let’s have a Calico Cat Etsy Friday!

blackberry upload 118July 2009 002

Watercolor print of cat pawing at fishbowl
I absolutely love this Water Color Print by LBerge. Maybe I need to commission a Queen Elizabeth and Cleopatra portrait!

Calico Cat Plates
I totally need a few of these Calico Cat Plates by Firecat Pottery. How adorable!! I love that you can order them as nesting plates, too!

Calico Cat Tuna on Canvas
I love the style of this Collage on Canvas by Gemini Studio. I want this for my kitchen!

Calico Cat Tile
How adorable is this Calico Cat Tile by Maid of Clay?! SO ADORABLE! I love her little teeth!

Etsy Friday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am SERIOUSLY craving sweet potatos.  That’s right- this Etsy Friday is all about sweet potatos.

Sweet Potato
I LOVE this print by Ashley G entitled “Sweet Potatoes“.   It’s so sweet.
Me and Matilda Everyday Necktie Orange Damask
This sweet potato colored necktie by Me and Matilda would make the perfect Thanksgiving tie!  Everyone will wish they had dressed to match a side dish after you look so chic doing it!
Sweet Potato Pie Aloe Vera Soap
Mmmm.  What perfect soap to have in your bathroom when the fam shows up for Thanksgiving.  Sweet Potato Pie Soap by Savor would also make a great stocking stuffer for oh um- anyone!
Sweet Potato (Simply Fingering)
oooh- knit your self a sweet potato pie with this beautiful fingering weight merino by Springvalley Yarns.
Yam finger puppet - Sam - 1 of 7 Different Thanksgiving Puppets Available
This yam fingerpuppet by felt playground rocks my socks.  I feel like their Thanksgiving fingerpuppets would be a great addition to the table (kids or adults!)

Etsy Friday

Rainy Days are a comin’ thanks to Danny. It’s going to be a pretty bleak weekend!  I’m gearing up with a Rainy Day Etsy Friday!!

Rainy Day Save the Date

I love this Rainy Day Save the Date by Ello There Invitations.  I would love to send these out for my party!  Ooh- Impromptu Rainy weekend party, anyone?

Uriel - 11x14 Fine Art Photograph Print

Love this photograph entitled Uriel by Aral 33.  I love clouds.  I love watching them come in and gather for a storm.  I don’t love the getting wet part, but what can you do?

Get Wellies Soon...Limited Edition...Screen print poster

I can’t even talk about how much I love this Screen Print by Blu Lima.  LOVE the pun- LOVE the ORANGE- LOVE THE TEAL!   OH gosh!  Love this one too!

Afternoon Shower Crew Neck T Shirt

I don’t usually buy T-Shirts, but I might make an exception for this Afternoon Showers T-Shirt by Circular Accessories.

Prayers For Rain - Superwash Merino FINGERING

What else are you going to do while it’s raining?  Buy this superwash merino fingering weight by Lotus Yarns, and knit the day away!   I love the color AND the name- “Prayers for Rain”!